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Meetings bring people together.

Event Planning

eMeetingsonline provides event planning and conference registration solutions allowing you to create memorable events.

Whether planning 50 person VIP retreats or city-wide events such as the Super Bowl, eMeetingsOnline can meet all your needs with its flexible setup and scalable design. We ensure everything just works.

Your meeting’s success is our priority.

Online Registration

eMeetingsOnline create custom event registration websites, collecting a nearly unlimited amount of attendee information, sessions , hotel accommodations checking out with their credit card using our PCI Level 1 security hardened site.

eMeetingsOnline registration sites are tailor-made to suit your needs so attendees will have a seamless, branded experience.

It’s your event. Do it your way.

Streaming Content

Expand your platform to include conference content such as speaker decks, session videos, or social media streams.

Attendee content, schedules, and conference layouts are viewable on desktops and are also optimized for mobile devices like the iPhone, Androids, and Blackberry, ensuring your content is available anywhere.

eMeetingsonline even allows you to continue generating revenue AFTER your conference. Find out more!


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